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The Opportunity of a Life Time

Tired of all those silly infomercials claiming they can make you money.

What if I told you with your own talents and skills you could potentially make money through publishing your own work.

How you’re probably asking?

Silly commercials always giving the person hope and then crushing their dreams as you have to pay for the service.

Here is an interesting way to self-publish and get credit for it, and people all over the world will pay to see your work depending on your ability to advertise and use social media.

You can use the create space ISBN to publish, but this gives them credit to your work . The way I did it was I got a universal ISBN to publish my work through the company. It helps when you want to go with different publishers, but it makes your work your own. This way is a paid service. It will cost about $100.00 to get this service.

In order to publish your own book, you will need to obtain an ISBN, remember to obtain your LCCN. this is where you can obtain. If you do it yourself it is free if you let create space do it. It is $25.00.

In order to do all of this you have to set up an account with CreateSpace. It is set up like an email.

The cool thing about self-publishing is you will get recognition for your work.

Here is the hard part.

Advertising and getting your book out to the public.

How do we do this you ask?

Here is how you will go about it. Be yourself and talk to local stores, and ask how to go about putting the book in their stores. They will give you all the necessary information to get going.


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