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The Clown Haunting

While at the local supermarket Laura saw a coworker.

Hey Mark,

I think you dropped your hat! Laura yelled. Mark with a distinct look turned around as he was startled by Laura. How did you know that was my hat? I saw you wearing it silly. Mark under his breath mumbled. The haunting curse of the clown. What? Laura said. Nothing. Mark grumbled as he started to walk away in a hurry. He yelled. You can keep the hat. Laura gave him an odd look and rolled her eyes. Laura looked at the hat carefully and noticed a tint of red on the base of the cap. She rubbed it with her fingers and found a hidden message. It read. The person who puts this hat on shall pass it along in seven days. If the wearer does not find a host beware the hideous creature, you will become with blood red lips, razor sharp teeth with a white face with black streaks, a red nose, and the uncontrollable thirst for blood. Laura shrugged her shoulders and put the hat in her Michael Kors bag. A cool trick she said.

Laura made her way home from the supermarket and noticed as she got home her Michael Kors bag was full of blood. Upset she dropped her purse and screamed. The hat had fallen out and was now on the floor, but as it did the sliding hat streaked the floor with blood. Laura picked the hat up and walked over to the garbage can. She threw the hat away picked up the garbage can and threw it in the outside dumpster. Laura went into her home and gathered all the groceries and put them away. She felt her heart sink as she remembered the message on the hat. She rushed over to the trash can and found the trash ripped open. The hat was gone, but a trail of blood was left. Laura confused looked down at the asphalt road and notice the trail of blood led to a back alley. She walked over and found a man wearing the hat. He was out cold, but the hat was on his head. Laura kicked the man’s foot lightly but got no response. She reached for the hat, shakily she screamed as a man in the back of her startled her. You know you shouldn’t steal from a homeless man. It’s bad luck. Did you give the man the hat you are about to take? I did not. I threw it away because I was frightened. What do you mean? The man looked at her questioningly? The hat was bleeding in my bag. I dropped the purse and screamed as the hat slid out blood streaked the floor. Oh, it doesn’t seem to be bleeding now lady. You should leave the man be as he found the hat in your trash and is now the new owner of the hat. The man walked away, but Laura looked at the homeless man and kicked his shoe hard. The man jumped and screamed. What the hell! Sir, you took my hat. What hat lady? The one you are wearing. She said. Oh, well I found this hat in a trash can. Laura yelled. I want you to keep the hat, but know there is a curse on the hat. What are you talking about? You must be on drugs little lady because I haven’t seen any evil curse. Laura looking at the man could see the blood dripping off his head onto his shoulders. Laura gagging as she could see maggots falling down the man’s coat? Oh, look here ma’am. The man took the hat off, and Laura could see his brain. Laura began to hack up her lunch.

The man went over and grabbed Laura’s shoulder. What is wrong with you? You can have the hat Laura’s stomach was curling as she looked at the man. He was no longer a man but a hideous looking clown. He had a white face with two black streaks coming down his face where his eyes were, but his eyes were red with yellow pupils looking at her. Laura screamed as the man started to talk. His teeth were razor sharp and had maggots and centipedes coming out of his mouth. Laura again threw up as the bugs in his mouth were being crushed and dripping onto the floor like drool. The man again put his long white hand on her shoulder, and as Laura looked down at his hand, she screamed in terror. His hand was not human, but were long and at the end of his hands were razor sharp nails. The nails were black and had blood dripping from them. The man looking at the woman noticed blood on her shirt as he moves his hand away from her back. The man screamed and started to run down the cold dark alley. I didn’t do anything! He screamed. The man running down the dark alley started to panic as he looked down at his hands. The hat in his hand still. He noticed blood dripping out of it. He looked at the base of the hat and saw the message. The person who puts this hat on shall pass it along in seven days. If the wearer does not find a host beware the hideous creature, you will become with blood red lips, razor sharp teeth, a white face with black streaks, a red nose, and the uncontrollable thirst for blood. Paranoia sunk in and the panic in the man’s heart made him pass out. He fell to the floor with a loud thud. Laura still trying to pull herself together started to walk home. She was sobbing as she made her way to her door. Laura opened the door and went into her home. She noticed on the floor where the hat had slid out of her purse was a message. You gave your hat to another. You are safe! Laura dropped to her knees with tears rolling down her face.


The man in the alley was out cold. His heart condition caused him to pass out from the paranoia, panic, and shock. The man awoke a day later. The man pushed himself up. He felt pain in his right leg. The man remembering what had happened that night started to walk over to Laura’s house, but as he began to walk down the alley, he noticed two police officers asking some of the homeless some questions. The man looked at the hat and put it on his head. He started to walk toward the officers and was surprised to hear they were investigating a large puddle of blood near where he and the woman were last night. He started to walk past the officers but caught the smell of something sweet. He began to walk toward the smell. What is that he asked himself? It smelled sweet. He looked all around and noticed he was drawn to the huge puddle of blood.

The police officers noticed the man had walked over to the puddle. The officers observed the man bending down grabbing at the blood and drinking it. The officers ran over and went to grab the man’s arm when they did he turned around and scared the hell out of the two officers. The man’s face was a hideous monstrosity. His face was white with black streaks falling down his face. The blood from the hat drenched the man’s face. His nose was cut off and was as red as blood. He reached out toward the police officers and as he talked the officers could see blood and maggots falling out of the man’s mouth. Hungry the monstrosity groaned. The officers were scared. The man got up and looked at one of the officers and licked his lips. He walked toward the officer showing his sharp teeth. The officer drew his gun and told the man to stop. The man didn’t though. He walked right up to the officer and used his long deadly hands to rip apart the first officer. He ripped through the flesh trying to get all the blood he could. The second officer pulled his gun out and shot the man several times in the back. The creature turned around and looked at the man as he was eating the officer’s flesh. The officer scared stumbled backward and started to fall as he hit the trash cans. The homeless were in shock and scared. A woman screamed it’s an evil clown. The clown ran towards the woman and growled at her. He grabbed her arm and took a chunk of flesh right out of her. The evil clown threw her to the floor and went towards the officer he ripped apart. The man drank and sucked up all the blood he could. When he was finished his hands and body were back to normal. He was full of blood. The man could hear carnival music playing in his head. He also started to hear the song. All around the town, the evil clown chased the people. The demonic clown stopped for a bloody snack. Plop! Goes the dead people. Eating half a pound of flesh, and drinking half a pound of blood. Mix it up and make it taste nice. Pop, Slurp! Goes the eaten drinkin’ dead people. Blood! The man groaned. I need blood! The man pulled the hat off and rubbed the base of the hat. He reread the message again and noticed he had to give the hat to someone else if he were to survive. He ran over to the lady and said here you can have this hat. I am sorry. I don’t know what is going on. The man when he passed the hat on to the woman saw the image of a clown with black streaks on its face, red eyes with yellow pupils, and razor sharp teeth with blood and bugs falling out of its mouth. The man started to run down the alley away from the lady. The lady upset said I don’t want the hat. She threw it away in one of the trash cans with a fire burning in it. The hat did not burn when it hit the flame it started to make the flames steam and then go out the trash can filled with blood. The homeless lady started to hear the carnival music and as each day went on her thirst for blood continued to grow until the seventh day. She terrorized the supermarket with mass murder. The customers and people walking in said they saw a woman clown with black streaks going down her white face. Her eyes were red with yellow pupils, and her teeth were sharp and disgusting.

To be continued…



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