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The Entity of Camp Devils Lake

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Some readers have given their reviews and say The Entity of Camp Devils Lake is a different kind of story. It does push the limits of some of its readers with the entities language towards particular subjects, however, the story does paint a good picture. The entity has managed to spark the interests of its readers. One person said. “The book made me think about what is going on in the world.” Why does it do this for the readers is the question? The Entity of Camp Devils Lake is about a detective named Rodger who is investigating the cause of death for a little boy at the bottom of the mountain heading into Camp Devils Lake. Rodger goes into the camp not knowing what he is going to find, and while he is there he finds the Camp to be eerie and beautiful, but he also finds the Camp to be deathly. While doing his investigation there are casualties along the way. He loses people who are close to him but without giving up too much of the story. The Entity is a dark demonic creature who will stop at nothing to slowly kill Rodger. Rodger stands up to the beast and fights his way through a road of death to solve the case. Twists and turns in this book will keep the reader on the edge of their seats.

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