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The Man in the Black Cape and Weirdly Shaped Hat


Dreams are images in our head as we sleep, and nightmares are those weird things that wake us up and frighten us as we sleep. Nightmares are what keep us up at night scared, shaking, and running from our fears and cause trauma. Have you ever fallen asleep and are trying to wake up, but it feels like you are being sucked dry and strangled? Nightmares that follow trauma involve the same scary elements that were in the trauma in our lives. For example, someone who has had the dream of the man in the black cape and weirdly shaped hat may have thoughts about running as fast as they could away from a man who is following them. The person affected may dream about trying to escape from the man in the black cape. A survivor of an animal attack may have nightmares about the assault, or even viewing the animal may startle the person.

I have often had dreams of animals ripping me apart. The sudden rush is like a quick snap back to this reality.

The scariest dream is a nightmare.

The dream so many other people and I have had in the past is the dream of the man in the black cape and weirdly shaped hat. The dream starts out amazing, but as time moves quickly forward, I found the dream to be quite terrifying. I was backpacking in the woods on a cloudy day. The moisture in the air was incredible, and as I walked through the forest as it started to rain. It was coming down soft at first, and as the wind picked up, it hit my face hard. I could feel chills run down my spine as the wind picked up speed again and slammed hard into me. I push onward trying to continue walking in the forest, but for some odd reason, the wind continued to become stronger and stronger. I started to try and walk forward; however, the wind stopped me dead in my tracks. I found myself being pulled up into the sky. I began to scream and yell at the top of my lungs. I could see the black and gray clouds in the sky as I was pulled higher and higher into the heavens. I reached the point where it was total darkness, and it felt as if a tornado was taking me higher and higher. My fear was falling straight down to the floor to a deathly demise, or worse having a heart attack and dying.

I felt for a moment everything stopped. I looked down and realized I was falling at a rapid rate. I could see the clouds as I zoomed by them going down back to the ground. Instinct said I was surely dead. I closed my eyes bracing for impact and awoke inside my bedroom. The bed was as soft as a feather, and I still had my clothes on from backpacking. I sighed in relief. I looked up at the mirror on the wall, and it was distorted bubbling, and as I looked in the mirror, I could see a black image. It had no face. The mirror construed the image so I could not see its face. I looked into the mirror a little longer and noticed fabric on the lining of the mirror. It was black as night. I looked over to the window and see sundown was now eating the brightness of the day. The black image started to come out of the mirror, and when it did, I began to run out of my home. The old house had a few skeletons in the closet, but when I saw the man come out of the mirror, it scared the hell out of me. It reached its hand out of the mirror and blood started to stain the floor. I looked at the creature with a black cape, and I ran out of the house. The creature was running on top of the roof tops of the houses like it was nothing. I felt goosebumps start to creep down my spine as the man in the black cape and weirdly shaped hat began to run down one of the houses. I looked at the man in the black cape stop as he picked up a cat and bit its head off. The creature’s teeth were sharp, and as it turned its head, I could see the blood dripping off its teeth. The creature growled and started to run at me again. I ran as fast as I could, though I put in the effort I fell hard to the floor, but when I braced myself for impact. I landed on top of a building connected to other buildings. The man in the black cape and the weirdly shaped hat was on top of the building with its razor sharp teeth ready to attack. I turned around and started to run. I jumped from one building to the next trying to out run the creature. The monster was chasing me and showed no signs of fatigue as I was starting to get extremely tired. The dark shadow of a creature was now ahead of me on the buildings. I looked over my shoulder and could not see him anymore. I stopped and looked back. I asked where did he go? I turned around as I heard some cats scream out in pain. I saw him jump up and run straight for me blood smeared the road as I looked back. The man in the black cape and the weirdly shaped hat was now running at me full speed. I tried to run quicker and faster but started to lose my energy. I stopped running and gasped for air. Drained of power I was exhausted. The man in the black cape and weirdly shaped hats’ cape now towered over me. I turned around slowly. I could hear the cape ripple in the wind and as I turned around the man in the black cloak grabbed my throat and opened its mouth. Its teeth were yellow and crooked, and I could see fur and bugs moving around as it roared in triumph. I screamed, and at that very moment, I awoke trying to breathe and could not. I grabbed at my throat and gasped for air. I turned over in my bed and could see my wife staring at me with a look of concern. I jumped not realizing she was awake. I rolled out of bed while my wife watched me head to the bathroom. I went to the John and did my business still shaken up by the dream. I got ready for work. I put on my clothes and put my shoes on. When I went to the mirror I pictured the hand coming out of the mirror and blood staining the floor. I put my hand on the mirror and reassured myself it was all a dream.

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