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Author Anthony Gurule

Hello everyone,

I am looking for those who like to read. I have posted some short stories. I would like comments on whether or not the story is good. I am hoping for a good outcome. Happy reading everyone and I hope to see your support.

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The Deadly Mirror

Zachary! We need to get you to school. The child was in his room getting ready for school when his mother was trying to hurry him because she was late for work. He had put on his overalls and his shirt and was fighting with his socks. He ran out of the room screaming. Mom, my socks are too small! Elizabeth sighed and said grab your new ones out of your drawer on the left-hand side. He walked up to the drawer and opened it. He looked at the brand new bag of Hanes socks and opened the package. Zachary was only 6 years old. He pulled out the socks and yelled. “Mom, my socks are not washed!”

His mom did not reply but left him to get ready. Zachary had a sister named Laniakea she was so cute and gorgeous his mother always bragged. Zachary walked over to his sister’s chamber and sought to use the restroom. She frowned at him and said, Zach! “I swear if you stink up my bathroom.” “I will.” “I will murder you.” I desire to clean my teeth and comb my hair. Geez. It’s not like I am hopping up and down struggling not to drop the tortoise’s head from its shell. “Ew, Laniakea said,” as he went into the restroom and locked the door. Zachary a bright boy but called for all the attention in the world. They told his mom and dad at school he had ADHD. They called it a disorder and a problem that needed their attention if Zachary ever wanted to succeed in school.

Laniakea, I am about ready to release the Kraken Zachary joked as he put the toilet seat up. Zachary slammed the back of the seat hard on the toilet for sound effects and put his hands near his mouth so he could make the sound effects of huge farts. Zach laughed and giggled as he continued to have his fun. Zach stopped when he heard his sister scream. Mom! Zachary is pooping in my toilet, and he will stink it up. Their mother downstairs shrugged her shoulders and giggled for a moment and then sided with Laniakea. Zachary, you need to do that business downstairs. Zach hearing his mother laughed. He pulled the flusher of the toilet and noticed as the water swirled away. Zach turned around and looked into the mirror, and saw his reflection, and made silly gestures as he looked at the mirror then pulled out a toothbrush and attacked his teeth, and was holding the toothbrush with both hands acting like it was trying to kill his teeth. Zach finished brushing his teeth and rinsed his mouth, and looked into the mirror and smiled showing his pearly whites, but he observed as he looked into the mirror it wasn’t him but a monster with sharp teeth, and horns.

Zachary backed away from the mirror and kept his focus on the monster in the mirror. Mom! Zachary screamed out loud at the top of his lungs. His mother was dealing with Laniakea downstairs and didn’t hear him as he screamed. Mama! He screamed again. There is a Mon, Mon, Monster in the mirror! The devilish looking creature stared at the boy. He did not move but reflected his mouth and fear the child exhibited. The mirror rippled and move.  It froze Zachary in fear. He stood there scared and shaking. He farted and felt warm liquid flowing down his pants. Mom! He screamed again and heard nothing. Zachary was scared and could feel his heart beating in his chest. He heard a voice, and the mirror looked like water rippling outward. You say I am a monster, but you don’t even know me, little boy. Black hands came out of the mirror and grabbed the walls. The house trembled and quake.  Zachary could not stand while the house shook and as it did, he lost his balance and hit the bathroom floor hard.

Laniakea, get down it is an earthquake! Laniakea’s mother rushed over to her daughter and guided her to the table. The glass shattered on the windows, and all the drawers and shelves opening and closing. Laniakea screamed and said. Where is Zachary? Her mother accompanied her under the dinner table and there they remained as the ground proceeded to shake. The shock went on for two extensive minutes before diminishing. Laniakea and her mom crept out of underneath the table when it was over, and could not believe their eyes. The drawers of canned foods, knives, and spoons that were in the right place were now on the floor. What happened mama? We had an earthquake baby. What is that mommy? It is when the ground shakes. You will study in school about plate tectonics and how they shift producing the earth to shake. Oh, she replied. While looking down at the floor, and thinking about her brother where is Zach? Zachary, are you ok? No reply. Elizabeth rushed up the stairs and ran into the kid’s room and banged on the restroom door. Zachary, open the door! She screamed.

Zachary dazed tried to get up from the earthquake.

He sat up and heard a muffled noise. He could not tell where it was coming from because he hit his head and ear hard on the floor when he fell.

Mom! Zachary said trying to figure out why his ears were ringing.

Zach’s mother again screaming for him to open the door, however, Zach could not hear his mother because his ears were ringing.

Zachary now glanced around the lavatory and saw the cupboards were open and all the towels and cupboards were on the floor. Zachary used the lavatory to force himself back up but as he did, he could hear laughter coming from behind him. Zach turned around and as he did, he could see the same evil creature watching him, but Zachary noticed the monster was holding something in his black hands.


Zachary’s eyes lit up. Zachary looked at the candy and licked his lips. Zachary’s stomach growled as his eyes became fixated on the candy as he walked toward the dark evil man in the mirror.

Zach, why don’t you come get your favorite candy? The Entity said. Zachary put his hand out toward the candy but noticed it was inside the mirror. Zachary reached inside the mirror and pulled his hand away.

Zachary, you open this door right now! Zachary’s mother screamed.

Zachary eyeballing the candy licked his lips and put his hand, head, and chest inside the mirror.

The door clicked and Zachary’s mother rushed in to find Zachary’s body halfway into the mirror.

She ran towards her son and the mirror came down. She said it looked like razor-sharp teeth, and once the mirror solidified it split the boy into pieces. Screaming in agonizing terror his mother noticed two red and yellow eyes inside the mirror twirling around and around in different directions.

The blood splattered everywhere and the boy’s mother was in shock. Christine gasped as she looked at the drawings of the scene and the pictures. The same message on the mirror popped up from Rodger’s house. I require your soul. You cannot escape.

What was disturbing about the whole thing was all the blood on the mirror and on the floor, but Jerome an excellent artist drew a disturbing picture? Zachary who was now deceased looked through the mirror eating his candy on the other side.

Jerome gulped as he showed the images to Christine he said. Notice the walls. What is wrong with the walls? Christine asked. Jerome looked at the picture and pointed out the cracks in the wall where the mirror was in the bathroom. There on one side of the wall were four distinguishing marks on one side and three on the other.

He glanced at Christine and declared it looks like they pushed apart the wall. The earthquake split the soil leading up to the home. I got the impression Jerome was trying to say the monster in the mirror caused the earthquake. He pointed again at the marks on the wall and said in religious practices all around the world they called this the mark of the beast.

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The Entity Parallels

The Disappearance

I assigned the days succeeding Rodger’s disappearance a woman named Christine to Rodgers household to search for any traces to aid and solve his case, and his controversial disappearance.

His neighbors declared he had rushed into his property and retired inside his home. He never came out. The acquaintances were questioning if he murdered himself, but there were no traces of him leaving any clues why he was missing. I gave Christine orders as the chief of law enforcement to go to Rodgers home, and to compile evidence, but to be wary, because several employees have quit due to unexplainable circumstances.

The swat teams and CSI crews were at his home. Upon her arrival, she could hear many flies as she rolled up her window. The noise was deafening. She lined up her automobile next to Rodgers got out of the car and strolled up the paved pathway to the front door.

She recognized as she went over to enter the home was a sign. It read. Welcome, The Aragon Family.

Christine walked to the door and discovered on the home were thousands of flies. Her presence divided the flies as she got closer to stuccoed walls where they were flying. The flies appeared to compose in cursive. The comments in which she saw sent chills down Christine’s vertebra.

He comes to feast upon your soul. Walk into this home and you shall bear the mark of the beast. Beware the shadows!

Christine shakily pulled the key out of her handbag and stuck the key into the deadbolt. She turned until she heard the click. The sound sent chills down her bones. She could see the hairs on her arms begin to lift as she twisted the doorknob and opened the door into the home. The air stunk of sulfur. She coughed as she wobbled away from the entrance.  The stench was extraordinarily powerful. It hurt her eyes as she lingered for the smell to leave the household. After staggering backward she went over to her automobile and grabbed a white mask to shield her from her from the vile-smelling odor.

She walked up the paved road again and found herself peering at the flies. They were no longer buzzing along the wall. She was seeing something inconceivable and unexplainable. The flies were stiff on the floor. The land on the lot was covered in black lifeless insect remains. What? Christine said as she made her way to the door. Christine looked into Rodgers home. She placed the mask on and stepped inside his home. The ground had been blanketed in Mala Mujer plants. Which made it complicated to travel around the city, and the water from the lake was still falling out blood red from the tap. What happened to you Rodger? She reflected as she walked around the living room section. The guy had class and had many pictures of his woman and kid. Christine walked on the wood floor and declared she was now more than ever working to investigate his disappearance.

Christine strolled around the home looking at all the furniture. Rodger had many cabinets and bookshelves in a chamber in the rear of the home, but when she arrived to his chamber, she discovered nothing strange or out of place. There was no foul play in the home at all. She strode back into the living room area and walked toward the restroom door. She snickered as she glanced down at a Playboy magazine. Rodger, you are a classic husband. I wonder if Irene knew you read these magazines. She went over to the restroom and spun the doorknob. She had desired to go since she fled the police station, but something spooked her as she opened the door. An arachnid fell down from the ceiling and touched down on the wall near the doorknob. Christine with a sudden shift of her legs and feet crushed the spider. The spiders gut spewed on her shoe and on the wall.

She laughed and announced it deceased on the spot. Christine was a muscular girl who went to martial arts classes and hot yoga twice a week. She studied at the spider guts on the wall and glanced down at her tennis shoe. The spider’s leg even jerked, as it remained attached to her tennis shoe. Christine jumped as the leg twitched, but realized there on the floor were footprints. The footprints were of a male adult. She studied them and thought they had to be Rodgers.

She opened the door to the restroom and realized the footprints lead straight to the lavatory. The toilet right in front of a colossal mirror. The bathroom huge, and the lavatory three feet away. She followed the footsteps up to the mirror. Christine questioned how the footsteps got there. She recognized the city had the same dilemma. The cream from the Mala Mujer staining all the wood floors. The pathway of footsteps leading up to the mirror and disappeared, and as Christine looked into the mirror, and did not see a reflection. The mirror seemed bizarre. It rippled and changed. What’s going on? Christine looked harder into the mirror and peered at a black hand reaching out of the mirror Christine questioned her sanity and moved away from the mirror. She bumped into the toilet and jumped. She screamed as she saw the black cloudy hand reaching for her as it escaped the mirror. What the…? Christine said as she forced her way toward the exit. She looked at a warped image of a devilish face staring at her in the mirror.

The being said.

I require your soul. You cannot escape me.

The creature looked evil. Christine’s heart thump so hard she did not believe her eyes. The report in which the chief told her and the stories they informed her about were fact. Rodger investigating the supernatural. The black hands reaching out of the mirror must have killed Rodger; or worse, the being killed him while conducting his investigation and destroyed his soul. Christine made her way out of the restroom and drew deep breaths though she had the mask on she inhaled and tasted sulfur. Her eyes hurt as she tried to take a breath. She rushed out of the home. She left the door wide-open, but as the black hands moved throughout the residence. The door slammed.

Christine did not believe what she was seeing. She pulled the mask off, fell to her knees, and cried. The dead flies were all twitching and moving where she sat. The buzz from the flies hurt her ears as they flew up towards the front entrance of the house. The flies created an impression of a monstrous-looking creature with long horns. The creature stepped towards me. He lay his palm on my forehead and suddenly the flies took off towards the home. The flies were engaging suicide as they all flew hard into the door and walls of the house. Christine pulled herself together and forced her way to her automobile rushing at top speed. She took out her keys hit the unlock button on her remote, and opened the door, and got into the car slamming the door, stuck the key into the ignition and high-tailed it out of there.

When she was further than a mile away from Rodgers home, she appeared to sob. Her pulse was rapid and she could sense the adrenaline pouring through her nerves and this cluster in her belly. “What the hell?” She replied. She pulled off to the side of the street and punched the drive wheel of the automobile. Christine, she declared. Pull yourself together lady. The whole scene looked creepy. She put her hand on her other arm and felt something on her flesh. She noticed her skin was black. Her arm had the image of a hand. It was black, and as she fixated on her arm, she recognized it said Illuminati. The word formed and terrified her. Christine manic and scared put her head on the drive wheel and took a deep breath. She was struggling to center herself. She picked her eyes up and noticed the road she was on was Illuminati. The black spot on her arm disappeared, and it left her with questions.

What happened to you Rodger? Where did you go and are you alive? What is happening and why did that black monster of flies not slay me? It makes no sense. Christine still resting in her car stared at the neighborhood she was in. The streets all had strange names like Devils Lane, Sins Drive, Bloody Avenue, and many others. It was a strange city, but Devils Lake was the reason for the bizarre names. The city’s people viewed something haunted the mountain and evil. Christine was a native to the city and someone not acquainted the city, or the city’s mythology. The problem was she learned how the city shaped, and it scared her. The city was in the shape of a Devils’ skull with horns branching the city further into the mountain, but few live near Camp Devils Lake.

Christine focused on her arms moving her arm around looking for the black mass was on her arm just moments ago. She centered her emotions and could focus on the current case. Christine put her car in drive and made her way into the city. Christine looked up at the biggest building and drove into an underground parking parked her car and opened the door. She looked at her arm as the black mass again showed a name called Devil’s Den as her arm burned she looked away and made her way up to the elevator. Her attention turned when she was making her way into the building when a man called her from a distance.

Christine, Christine, how are you doing today?

Christine looked at the man and noticed it was Jerome. He was a small man who loved to draw. She could tell he was in a hurry to catch up to her. Christine rolled her eyes and waited for him to catch up to her. What’s up to Jerome? How are you today? I asked first he said. I am doing well, and you Christine said. Jerome said. I am doing well he said. I have just completed painting a portrait of a demon looking creature. You did what? Christine asked. Jerome explained. I had to go to a home and paint a portrait of an infernal-looking monster. Why do such a task? He claimed there was an inhuman slaughter in one home in the city. He was shuddering as he informed me of the household’s tragedy.

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Dead Man Walking

The story opens with a question.

What if I were not here right now?

What if I were to perish within the next couple of moments, minutes, or even hours?

It is strange how time is consistently in the course of our ways of life and present situations, but as all circumstances what if you were in a slumber for more than 6 months?

The thought could change your life forever.

The type of scene is rough on family members, colleagues, and the people attempting to help save your life. It’s a test because they are oblivious of the challenges you are about to experience internally, and religiously. The feeling is an internal feud, and the individual is struggling to get back to their ways of life.

There was formerly a husband who maintained an extremely active lifestyle. He was driving home one night to a family birthday where he was going to meet his family and let them know how much he cherished them, but as he was operating his motor vehicle on a 35 miles an hour road he was rear-ended by a guy not paying attention to the traffic on the roadway. The fellow driving a white old Buick was awfully busy playing with his iPod shuffling through songs and was unaware he was speeding at 65 miles per hour.

The second you look into your rear-view mirror and notice the headlights of an automobile not preparing to stop your mind starts to race, and the impact pushes you into another automobile ahead of you. You have no chance to brace for impact and your body moves rapidly as the jolt caused Brian to strike the drive wheel with his bottom portion of his jaw and sternum. He felt the bones crack as he hit his sternum, and the airbag deployed sending him flying backward into the seat, and as he is forced backward, his insides started to ache, and his face started to sting he knew the airbag did even more damage. The last thing he sees is the dashboard cover flying over his skull into the rear seat and as he witnesses this, he begins to pass out.

Brian was now battling for every breath. His lungs were severely injured, and he was bleeding internally.

Brian’s family was not given any information about his condition when the medical staff on the phone had called. The group was informed to rush to the emergency room. The family received the report Brian was in a terrible accident upon reporting at the emergency room. It led to his wife to fear for the worst, and the family appeared to panic. Several hours passed as the surgeon’s continuously struggled to sustain his life. The surgeons, doctors, and nurses defeated could not save Brian. The medical team tried numerous methods to ensure his survival, but could not get his heart beating after multiple flat lines. His body had suffered an extensive amount of damage.

Brian had literally died on the operating table multiple times, but while he was being operated on. Brian’s spirit was peering down at his own body. He could see and hear everything in the hospital.

Brian years afterward informed the household about the story.

I could recall seeing black hands appearing from the walls. I remained observing as time worked extremely fast.

He recounted being above everybody in the emergency room in immense detail described the physicians and nurses working hard to help him survive. Brian mentioned other individuals around him as he was in the emergency room. There were people passing and coming up to his level, but they would zoom past him. Brian would invariably hesitate and draw in a deep breath as he described black hands coming out of the walls and operating tables, tugging at bad spirited people’s souls. The cries of the individuals being captured by the deathly black grips were strange, but Brian questioningly started to think why he stood to linger above his corpse. Brian walked around peering at his lifeless corpse, but couldn’t do anything to get back into it. He recalled the monitor flatline multiple times, and the defibrillator sending a shock into his body. He viewed his body rise then collapse as it did nothing to aid him. It alarmed him because he could see his family crying in the waiting area as they were presented with the message he did not make it.
Brian sighed with regret and observed as the physicians brought the sheets over his head. He continued watching in confusion as the physicians started to walk with his body down the hallway.

His family devastated.

Brian looked on placing his palm out to his wife as she sank to the floor crying. He walked around his family struggling to comfort them but went nowhere in his attempts. He tried everything to let them know he was with all of them.

Brian sat on an unoccupied hospital bed thinking about his family, but as he did this he could see the black hands reaching from the walls. One of the dark palms struck his back and seized him, and he felt all the remembrances of grief and sorrow throughout the times. When this took place he bolted up because the hands appeared to be trying and drag him toward the wall where a black door appeared to open, and he knew they were seeking to take him. The black hands were then hurting him as they took hold of him and the started trying to drag him into the darkness behind the door. His soul sadly knew where the doorway led into hell.

He asked calmly in his mind is this the end?

He tore away from the hand’s grip and raced down the hallway. He could identify many people fleeing their frames, and they were being dragged into the blackness down below or were whizzing by him toward a higher purpose. Brian at this point wanted to jump back into his body but didn’t know how. His emotions appeared to make him bitter and depressed.

He cried out for help, but no one acknowledged his request.

The deceased were all in a hurry. Brian now desperate fell into a state of depression.

He could see the embalmer cutting off the rest of his clothes and removing his belongings as they prepped him to be embalmed.

He stated many times that time moves really fast when you are dead.

It’s not like on earth.

He sat next to his body shaking his head.

The black hands relentlessly started to pop out of the walls, and they were reaching out trying to grab him.

He watched the embalmer start their process. The embalmers shaved his face and cleaned him up. The staff started the process of putting on a glue to make sure his mouth remained shut. The two staff members in the room cleaned him up and started to sew the mouth shut. The embalmers worked around the work the physicians did to clean the flesh on his chest and body with a disinfectant and germicidal solutions while bending, flexing, and massaging his arms and legs to relieve rigor mortis. Brian shocked started to panic. He jumped up and laid above his body. He envisioned himself going back down into his own body. The embalmer was now starting the process of draining blood. The man knew his job well and started the process. Brian looked deep down into his soul and asked for a second chance at life. The black hands grabbed at Brian and as he felt their grip on him pull down, he could see the charred hands. He could hear deathly screams. He could hear whips and chains in the background while spirits cried in pain.

Brian scared and confused thought of his family and his friends. He wanted to be with them now more than ever.

Come with us they bellowed.

Brian started to feel the cool air hit his body. Breathing from his nose, he opened his eyes and grabbed for the embalmer’s arm. The man nearly died as Brian startled him. The other embalmer laughed and said it was only reflexes, but for some odd reason, the man knew Brian was miraculously alive even though he had checked his vitals and went through the process. Brian tried to speak, but no words escaped his mouth. His lips were sewn shut. Brian yelled and thrashed his arms around. He felt the massive pain coming from his stomach where he suffered great damage to his insides. Brian looked around the room and suddenly passed out from the shock.

Brian awoke to a room full of family and friends. They were all so happy he was alive and doing well.

While in the hospital Brian asked his wife to look at his back because it felt like someone had dug into his skin. The charred marks she saw frightened her. She described four marks going down and three across.

Brian lived to be an old man and always warned the children of the black hands in the walls, but as he got older, he started to see a dark image of a devilish looking creature with red and yellow eyes swirling in opposite directions. The creature haunted Brian‘s dreams. His wife called the local church and had the house blessed, but the occurrences and frequent attacks of the creature made Brian scream out into the night as he said the black hands and the creature were coming for him. His night terrors got worse and Brian’s wife told the local police when he died she saw four slashes and three others appear on his back and they appeared to be burned into his flesh.

He kept repeating.

The red and yellow eyes! The red and yellow eyes!

Written by: Anthony Gurule



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The Marionette and the Book of Death

Death is a conception of terror for some, and others welcome it. The complete and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of a living thing is death. We typically ask ourselves what happens after we cross over. The living takes file of everybody who has lived on a document with a certification that signifies birth and another for death. It processes the lives of those who are alive and those dead. What takes place after death? If I were to declare to you I have come upon several descriptions of people taken to a malevolent place with whips and shackles, and diverse techniques of torture would you believe me, or assume I’m crazy?

There was a grim reaper who yearned to exploit victims as the fathers, mothers, and the offspring of the past died they were deposited in a dreary place called hell. When the reaper wanted a human being for itself he would manipulate it, and when the reaper looked into an individual being he showed it hope, but in turn the spirit would be snickered at and humiliated for it was overwhelmed by the torment of the many various stages in the blackness of the fiery abyss. The reaper broke every soul as he contributed to their suffering, and carried many for his enjoyment. His black hand produced the stroke of death, and as he mutilated the spirits and detained them for himself, he was beginning to become maddened by gluttony and the strength it provided the evil monstrosity.

The saying; Watch how you wander in the pathway you’ve taken because one minor mistake will hurt you.

The spirits were now furious at the reaper and were gathering against the reaper deep inside the reapers existence. The reaper was a soulless body utilizing the exuberance from individual souls composing the stroke of death even deadlier as the energy surge enhanced the reapers abilities.

The souls imprisoned by the reaper pushed its limits of custody and torment, and when he sculptured his grip of death onto a guy who practiced voodoo. The reaper found as he struggled to come back to the black pathway that headed into hell. He could not come back to the fiery pit to restore his energy. The evil being filled with anger cursed as he realized the maker had cast him out to expire. Driven by gluttony and the desire for further dominate the reaper looked to a particular system of torment for the spirits in his custody. The countless individuals the reaper took into its custody were overwhelming the reapers abilities. He was expected to capture and surrender the spirits to their merited place but instead was obsessed by seizing and profiting from their spirit’s energy reducing them till their souls died. The reapers power was overwhelming. He fed on barbarous spirits and nourished in their deeds of aftermath. The reaper knew death was imminent and could maneuver the conclusions of people. The man who passed away after the reapers dark grasp on the man’s soul was now stuck on earth attached to the reaper as he walked a lonely path to its doom on earth a hell where the reaper would remain till its power diminished by a thing called time.

The harvester became agitated as he wielded his scythe to cut up a life. The individual is no longer capable of existing once the blade with its ill powers worked its powerful devastation. Their screams amused him and caused the creature to want further death and carnage. The reaper packed with spirits from endless individuals fueled by declining vitality. Hate flared inside the reaper as the human spirits provided the monstrosity human emotions of irritation and as the rage accumulated in the monster. Laden with hatred drifted over to a neighbor hospice and arrived at a bed he tapped the girl with his deathly grip. The heart monitor flat-lined and the medicinal crew charged in to treat the girl but could not resuscitate her. Doctors stunned by the girl’s death as her vitals and charts were within range. Her condition promoted recovery, but the touch of death meant instant death.  The harvester of souls took the spirit opened its mouth and absorbed it. He fed to sustain its want for strength but assuring his continuity.

The reaper began to feel hungrier as time passed.

It was a body sense the reaper had never known before it started taking spirits for itself.

He moved to another hospital bed three rows down, and the hand of death had taken another life.

He looked down at the miserable soul grinned and licked its lips. The soul received numerous impacts with the scythe which was expected to slay the spirit, but the reaper changed the blade to favor the grim reaper to exploit the spirit’s power making it smoother to feed.

The soft smooth structure of the light that had slipped away from the body the spirit was fueling power and continuation. The reaper became stronger as he dined, but with time if he didn’t dine on the souls, he became frailer and frailer.

The hospice personnel was starting to lose it, and with more and more people perishing for no discernible reason, the organization and communities all around the city became fearful of the strange deaths.

The townspeople trying to avoid the hospice because the normal and those in rehabilitation were perishing at a continuous pace, and the rotting souls underneath the reapers cloak were breaking out of the reapers decaying structure.

The faces of the many spirits were causing the reapers body to bleed a black broth and the spirits were emerging out of the reapers skeletal remains as each soul left it started hurting its survival.

The suffering being flown from chamber to chamber looking for an object to carry its evil energy to conserve its presence he realized it would perish but found a seldom kid who sat at the edge of a waiting room table with a marionette in his palms. The curious part was this specific marionette was the phenomenon it paralleled the harvester of souls with a scythe and a text stamped Death. He studied the marionette and recognized the cords were cut off from the top of the doll. Delighted he seized the doll out of his grips. Startled he looked at the marionette move up into the open by itself. Grim pleased stated this will work. The knowledge he took up from the companion who worked in voodoo wasn’t sufficient. Suspenseful observing the minor attempted to say, but extremely terrified could not say the name devil. Climatically the toy drifted to the next room over to a man who was worsening. Grim said ah this could produce my resolve.

The fellow was of native origin and was in his generation a skinwalker. A sinister grin pleased by the information he marked the guy, and as the grims touch of death took hold of the father, he passed instantaneously of a heart attack. The reaper instead of destroying the spirit looked at the puppet and ordered the spirit into the toy. The fellow was an evil man, but a devoted parent and the harvester of souls felt it as he perished. He later connected its evil essence and the scythe to the guy’s spirit and occupied the marionette. The puppet was now floating throughout the hospital. The child sauntered up to the dummy and pointed his finger. The reaper turned to the child and stared at the kid. Boy, you will perish as your parent will quickly grant me the potential to survive for eternity. The child yelled, and two security guards came rushing over to look at what was transpiring. The marionette fell to the floor, and the youngster just kept pointing at the puppet.

One of the men picked up the marionette and spoke. Hey little dude. What’s the issue? The boy shakily said. It will slay you! The child was hysterical, but the guys studied him perplexed. The guy peered at the puppet and expressed. It must be this thing questioningly scrunching his eyebrows simultaneously. The child screamed yes! It was drifting in the corridor! Check your cameras. The men studying at the marionette said. Who created this hideous looking marionette? The boy stared at the floor and stated. My dad. He needed to complete it but did not have the opportunity. The two guys peered at the marionette and said let’s view at the cameras.

The fellows were joking how distasteful the toy looked. The child of native decent became dispirited by their banter and their responses with the marionette and felt the rage boil inside his belly. He could not deal with his emotions as his father was in critical condition before the reapers touch of death. The youth studied them as his face turned red and his eyes wet. The two men were causing the child to become anxious. It’s the stress and anxiety you can’t just put a bandage on to fix it, or slap a pill on it. The guys placed the marionette on the chair and bantered as they commenced operating the computer to view at the cameras. Screeching out loud the men terrorized the hell out of the child as the sequence of wind, thunder, and hail rattled the window in their office. The trees moved rapidly as the air pressed against it rubbing the glass.

Eerily sounding the child had an awful feeling boiling deep in his tummy. He could sense the adrenaline in his gut. He glanced over at the marionette and looked at the blade glimmer as the lightning streaked the sky. The youngster realized his dad made everything with his heart indeed if he was an evil man. He converted his technique and energy into the toys he made, but he made this for his boy. The marionette of the grim reaper was to demonstrate the walker of death and as for the blade on the puppet. It was extraordinarily sharp, but his dad placed a light layer of plastic on it to protect everybody from getting hurt.

The eyes of the toy were now glowing dark blue. It looked as if it were a haze of blue light coming from the eyes of the puppet, and a mysterious crimson and black coming from the body of the marionette. The two men joked around about the puppet laughing at the child’s parent for creating such an ugly doll.

The two guys studying at the computer opened the playback of footage and discovered something they did not predict. The child was stating the facts. The child watched the plastic dripping off the scythe of the marionette. The puppet then appeared to soar in mid-air in front of the youngster.

The child started to point his finger as the doll gradually made his way to the two fellows. The blade caught the man quickly in the back. The blade became more prominent as the point dug into the guy’s back. The reaper pushed the blade hard into the man’s rear and suddenly removed the guy’s backbones slowly out of the skin, but before he completed the guy yelled in excruciating pain as his blood gushed to the floor. His spirit lifted up out of his carcass, and the harvester of souls felt its existence.

The doll transformed into the grim reaper using the skinwalker technique gained from the guy and the grim reaper was able to devour the soul, but he did not stop there. The ray coming from the dark reaper was that of a skinwalker’s glow. The conversion increased the reapers power suppressed the desire to feed on countless souls. The book of death opened up, and in blood the man’s name appeared but the sheet in the book was mortal flesh. The flesh and soul were now trapped forever in the book of death.

The other guy looked in dismay at his mangled friend. The child rushed towards the exit, and the reaper turned to the man next to him and slashed his larynx with the blade. Hearing the man choke on his blood as he chocked to draw his last breath the storm became even more ferocious as thunder started to rattle the walls of the hospice.

The evil creature turned around and said, and as for the boy. The child ran out of the room. The little boy was no longer there as the child disappeared running out into the hospital. Disgusted he turned to the camera and flipped through the different channels trying to find the boy. Ah, you little heathen. There you are!

I will cut your body up and use your soul to do my bidding until your soul expires. The reaper utilizing the puppet opened the door and flew out in the direction the boy was running. The lights flickered on and off, and then total darkness. The emergency lights took a minute to light up. The boy must die!

He moved swiftly into the hospital and as the lightning struck his deathly image was exposed, but the marionette remained hovering. The book of death was now holding the souls of all the names of his victims past and present. The book started to look like an ancient text.

Where is the boy?

As he was searching, he came up to a room of elderly who were in recovery. He floated past the old and one by one they fell victim to his touch of death. The book opened up, and blood written names appeared as each person died.

The scythe of the puppet cut up the souls, and he fed on the souls. He devoured every one of the people’s lives until he came upon a younger man who was at the end of the room. You are not old the reaper said looking at the man. The grip of death went to touch the man at the end of the bed, but the little boy grabbed hold of the marionette and started to run to the end of the hall. The harvester of souls did not have a chance to kill the man.

His essence remained in place as the little boy ran down the hall.

The evil creature was not fatigued at all, but forced its powers back into the doll and reawakened. The boy could see the red and black glow coming from the marionette.

The boy dropped the toy to the floor and took his foot and slammed down hard onto the face of the doll. The eyes were glowing blue, and the power of the skinwalker started to come out full force. The marionettes face was severely damaged, and the bringer of death tried to focus on the boy.

He began to summon its powers from deep inside the doll.

The face started to reconstruct and the toy in a matter of moments was now back to normal.

The toy hovered for a moment, and the essence of the evil creature then opened its eyes. Its mouth was long and oval-shaped as he gazed at the boy. The boy felt the adrenaline boil up into his stomach. He could feel the blood pumping in his veins faster, and faster, and faster as the evil creature before him hovered above him.

Ah. You are scared.

The reaper said.

No! The boy yelling at the beast! I am not afraid of you!

Oh, but you should be!

I have the power to take your life in an instant, and as soon as I touch you with the hand of death your name will be put into my book, or rather your fathers, but before I do. I am going to use my scythe to cut and torture you till you beg for death.

The boy took a step back, and the creature drew out the cutter bringing the blade down to the boy’s face. The edge slowly cut deep into the boy’s skin. The boy frozen in fear watched as the reaper brought the weapon up in shock. The boy’s face was bleeding from the cut, but the boy did not scream out in pain. The boy stood there watching the blade again come down towards his head. The boy ducked when the scythe came down to slice his neck off. The reaper roared in anger as the boy now looked at the reaper. The boy knew to avoid its touch of death and the blade in which was circling to slice him to his death. The boy dodged and glided as he saw the blade and his hand move toward his body. The boy got to the end of the hall and saw the corridor could go in two different directions in the hospital wings. The reaper was showing no signs of exhaustion, and the boy was starting to lose his energy. The boy evaded the deathly blow of the blade once more and began running down the hall at full speed.

The reaper in disgust turned in the direction in which the boy ran and scowled at the distance between him and the boy. The reaper was now angry because he had let the boy slip through deaths grasp. The reaper slowly crept down the hall and could not find the boy. He had turned the corner and must have run down a dead end.

“The end is near.” “You cannot escape!” He yelled. The boy looking to preserve his life said. “How do I beat death, but to live be to be evil in the world?” The boy sat and thought. The reaper is alive and living and is causing evil. He is taking souls for himself and preserving them in his book of death their names written in blood, and the pages resemble the person’s flesh. It was like the reaper was preserving his presence in the world.


The boy questioned again and again in his head. Am I going to die? The reaper needs the souls of the living to take with him. Where sadly they go to their final resting place? “How do I defeat death?” The boy said, “I stay alive long enough to tell the story and find a way to kill the reaper. The boy thought for a moment. I wonder why the reaper needs the doll and the names of the people appearing in the book on the marionette. The pages are made of flesh because the sheets smell like rotting flesh and blood dries fast.

The reaper’s power started to grow his skills exponentially restored. The reaper felt no human characteristics. The souls stored in the book of death on the marionette and the path back into the darkness reopened.  The reaper turned over to the puppet and grinned, but smiled as he took the souls of the men who were of value to the harvester. He made the man who did voodoo, and the man who was a skinwalker uses their abilities to help him regain his strength. The two men’s souls taken into the darkness, but before he started to depart, he marked the marionette with a set of slashes called the mark of the beast.

The evil being looked toward the wall of the hospital and saw a shadow creature with wings, longhorns, and red and yellow swirls for eyes going in opposite directions; You! The reaper bellowed telepathically!

You have evaded me for a long time. The shadow creature ignored the reaper and looked at the boy who was staring at the monster in terror. Shadow crawled down the wall and quietly walked on the floor toward the boy. The reaper grinned as he knew the shadow creature of Devils Lake was pure evil and didn’t care about the reapers quarrel with the boy. Shadow walked up to the boy and roared.

The boy turned around and saw nothing.

Shadow had used the boy’s own shadow to hide his location the reaper started to laugh as the boy turned toward him.

You are surely dead little boy. How about I give you a quick death because if I don’t kill you, he will?

The boy looked at the reaper and frowned as he turned around and found himself staring at an even scarier monster. The creature stood taller than the reaper.

Shadow! The reaper bellowed.

What do you want?

The child tried to scream but couldn’t.

The reaper pulled the scythe out and tried to attack. The entity moved and shifted its body away from the blade.

The reaper groaned in anger as the shadow creature moved with ease as the reapers attacks did nothing. The shadow creature grabbed hold of the scythe and pulled it away from the reaper, but as it did this the blade struck the arm of the harvester. The horned creature moved as fast as the lightning streaked the night sky and the shadows cast in and out of the building as it caught the weapon in mid-air. The beast roared, and the reaper stopped dead in its tracks.

You! The reaper gasped in shock.

You are going to die if you touch the hand of death. I only need one the creature said. What? The beast used the scythe to cut its arm off bent down and attached the reapers arm to its own body. The beast with long horns and wings now had a cloak of darkness, and the hand of death was a decayed bone black as death. The creature picked up his arm and ate it. Those teeth were razor sharp, and there were massive amounts of black ooze dripping from its lips. Flesh started the reaper was now cowering as the shadow creature made its way to the harvester of human souls.

The boy stood in the direction of the grim reaper. He is mine to kill! He yelled! The devilish looking creature smiled and looked down at the boy!

You are puny.

What have you done to the grim reaper? I think you pissed him off, but don’t worry I am going to kill him. A touch of death and a mortal dies, however, he was supposed to die by not being able to go back through the gates of hell. There are many grim reapers in the world, but you’ve got my attention because you managed to stay alive for so long.

The souls you kept are now mine the shadow creature roared, and as for the souls you still have in you. They will expire as your existence will soon enough. The reaper started to laugh as the reaper’s hand grew back. I am not going to terminate you fool. I have no souls. The shadow creature looked stunned as he was searching for the souls the reaper had kept for himself.

The animalistic demon looked at the reaper and smiled as the little boy still stood in front of the two. The reaper glided over the marionette and put the two souls into the book of death as he possessed the doll. The reaper charged its powers with the souls in the book. The reaper jumped out of the toy and began attacking the shadow creature, but the shadow creature was too fast and secure.

The horned beast grabbed the head of the reaper and slammed it hard to the ground. The devilish looking beast had claws for hands and what seemed like four sharp fingers on one side and three sharp fingers on the other. The dark being dug deep into the reapers skull. The indentations started to show as the reaper was powerless to stop the creature of the shadows. Those eyes stayed playing in my head as I watched the battle go on. Shadow was unstoppable and as the reaper started to roar out in pain. The creature continued to pursue the reaper as he was beginning to kill the grim reaper.

The dark entity rose as he delivered blow after mighty blow to the reaper. The boy was in shock. He could not believe his eyes as the demonic looking creature was killing the bringer of death.


The boy screamed. I want to kill the reaper.

Shadow turned to the boy its eyes were auburn red and glowed yellow around the edges. You want to kill the grim reaper, but it comes with a cost you will not like!

What is the price? The boy asked.

It comes with a price your soul will be allowed to live out the rest of your pathetic life, but when you die; your soul will extinguish and become what you will destroy right now. You will be a monster for the rest of eternity taking from others their way of life. Do you still want to kill the grim reaper boy? I will give you the power. Shadow pulled the scythe from the inside of his cloak and handed it to the boy.

It felt intense and evil as the scythe’s size fit the boy’s physical attributes. The cutter felt as if there was a burden to it that he could not explain or even understand. He was now looking at the reaper, and the boy smiled and said now you would die for taking my father away from me! The reaper begged for forgiveness as the boy brought the blade down on the skull of the harvester, and his powers diminished.

The reaper vanished.

Shadow you are next.

The boy said as he took the scythe and tried to attack the demon. Shadow simply disappeared and went into the shadows appearing in the back of the boy. You know you are a strong-willed boy, but you have not killed the grim reaper just yet. He is still alive to do my bidding as I see fit. The boy looked up and noticed the entity was standing next to him touching his shoulder with the skeletal four fingers of the grim reaper. The boy lost all the color in his face and realized he was surely dead. The boy fell to the floor the scythe in hand, and as he fell, he could hear the entity in the background laughing. The boy had made it this far and now was dead to humanity.

Shadow picked up the scythe and put it on his back.

Then looked at the marionette and smiled. You will work for me now my brother. The dummy and the book of death are where you’ll spend eternity, but while you are in there the souls collected will be written in blood, and your powers will soon return, but before I do this I must give the doll something of yours. He pulled off part of the bone and the cloak from his arm and put it on the marionette. The touch of death will soon return to you. Whoever touches the doll will be haunted by the grim reaper for six days. The entity dug the four marks down, and three across deeper into the puppet. He licked his lips and kissed the mark.

The person begins bearing the mark of the beast as they dream the cuts will burden their daily activities. The evil powers of the reaper will roam the home and cause fear, death, and destruction each day getting more severe than the last as you’ll haunt them, their dreams and mark their body with the mark of the beast, and when the sixth day is about to end. The reapers powers will return to normal for a few moments to bring the touch of death. The house, family, and friends told of their dreams and hauntings will become infected and cursed until they cut the mark into their flesh, or die without the mark. The tissue not marked will be put into the book of death, and their souls will forever bear the mark of the beast with their names inked in blood. I will groak you as you feast but will expect to feast on the gathered souls later to enhance my powers as you are now a quockerwodger with no strings attached.