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The Deadly Mirror

Zachary! We need to get you to school. The child was in his room getting ready for school when his mother was trying to hurry him because she was late for work. He had put on his overalls and his shirt and was fighting with his socks. He ran out of the room screaming. Mom, my socks are too small! Elizabeth sighed and said grab your new ones out of your drawer on the left-hand side. He walked up to the drawer and opened it. He looked at the brand new bag of Hanes socks and opened the package. Zachary was only 6 years old. He pulled out the socks and yelled. “Mom, my socks are not washed!”

His mom did not reply but left him to get ready. Zachary had a sister named Laniakea she was so cute and gorgeous his mother always bragged. Zachary walked over to his sister’s chamber and sought to use the restroom. She frowned at him and said, Zach! “I swear if you stink up my bathroom.” “I will.” “I will murder you.” I desire to clean my teeth and comb my hair. Geez. It’s not like I am hopping up and down struggling not to drop the tortoise’s head from its shell. “Ew, Laniakea said,” as he went into the restroom and locked the door. Zachary a bright boy but called for all the attention in the world. They told his mom and dad at school he had ADHD. They called it a disorder and a problem that needed their attention if Zachary ever wanted to succeed in school.

Laniakea, I am about ready to release the Kraken Zachary joked as he put the toilet seat up. Zachary slammed the back of the seat hard on the toilet for sound effects and put his hands near his mouth so he could make the sound effects of huge farts. Zach laughed and giggled as he continued to have his fun. Zach stopped when he heard his sister scream. Mom! Zachary is pooping in my toilet, and he will stink it up. Their mother downstairs shrugged her shoulders and giggled for a moment and then sided with Laniakea. Zachary, you need to do that business downstairs. Zach hearing his mother laughed. He pulled the flusher of the toilet and noticed as the water swirled away. Zach turned around and looked into the mirror, and saw his reflection, and made silly gestures as he looked at the mirror then pulled out a toothbrush and attacked his teeth, and was holding the toothbrush with both hands acting like it was trying to kill his teeth. Zach finished brushing his teeth and rinsed his mouth, and looked into the mirror and smiled showing his pearly whites, but he observed as he looked into the mirror it wasn’t him but a monster with sharp teeth, and horns.

Zachary backed away from the mirror and kept his focus on the monster in the mirror. Mom! Zachary screamed out loud at the top of his lungs. His mother was dealing with Laniakea downstairs and didn’t hear him as he screamed. Mama! He screamed again. There is a Mon, Mon, Monster in the mirror! The devilish looking creature stared at the boy. He did not move but reflected his mouth and fear the child exhibited. The mirror rippled and move.  It froze Zachary in fear. He stood there scared and shaking. He farted and felt warm liquid flowing down his pants. Mom! He screamed again and heard nothing. Zachary was scared and could feel his heart beating in his chest. He heard a voice, and the mirror looked like water rippling outward. You say I am a monster, but you don’t even know me, little boy. Black hands came out of the mirror and grabbed the walls. The house trembled and quake.  Zachary could not stand while the house shook and as it did, he lost his balance and hit the bathroom floor hard.

Laniakea, get down it is an earthquake! Laniakea’s mother rushed over to her daughter and guided her to the table. The glass shattered on the windows, and all the drawers and shelves opening and closing. Laniakea screamed and said. Where is Zachary? Her mother accompanied her under the dinner table and there they remained as the ground proceeded to shake. The shock went on for two extensive minutes before diminishing. Laniakea and her mom crept out of underneath the table when it was over, and could not believe their eyes. The drawers of canned foods, knives, and spoons that were in the right place were now on the floor. What happened mama? We had an earthquake baby. What is that mommy? It is when the ground shakes. You will study in school about plate tectonics and how they shift producing the earth to shake. Oh, she replied. While looking down at the floor, and thinking about her brother where is Zach? Zachary, are you ok? No reply. Elizabeth rushed up the stairs and ran into the kid’s room and banged on the restroom door. Zachary, open the door! She screamed.

Zachary dazed tried to get up from the earthquake.

He sat up and heard a muffled noise. He could not tell where it was coming from because he hit his head and ear hard on the floor when he fell.

Mom! Zachary said trying to figure out why his ears were ringing.

Zach’s mother again screaming for him to open the door, however, Zach could not hear his mother because his ears were ringing.

Zachary now glanced around the lavatory and saw the cupboards were open and all the towels and cupboards were on the floor. Zachary used the lavatory to force himself back up but as he did, he could hear laughter coming from behind him. Zach turned around and as he did, he could see the same evil creature watching him, but Zachary noticed the monster was holding something in his black hands.


Zachary’s eyes lit up. Zachary looked at the candy and licked his lips. Zachary’s stomach growled as his eyes became fixated on the candy as he walked toward the dark evil man in the mirror.

Zach, why don’t you come get your favorite candy? The Entity said. Zachary put his hand out toward the candy but noticed it was inside the mirror. Zachary reached inside the mirror and pulled his hand away.

Zachary, you open this door right now! Zachary’s mother screamed.

Zachary eyeballing the candy licked his lips and put his hand, head, and chest inside the mirror.

The door clicked and Zachary’s mother rushed in to find Zachary’s body halfway into the mirror.

She ran towards her son and the mirror came down. She said it looked like razor-sharp teeth, and once the mirror solidified it split the boy into pieces. Screaming in agonizing terror his mother noticed two red and yellow eyes inside the mirror twirling around and around in different directions.

The blood splattered everywhere and the boy’s mother was in shock. Christine gasped as she looked at the drawings of the scene and the pictures. The same message on the mirror popped up from Rodger’s house. I require your soul. You cannot escape.

What was disturbing about the whole thing was all the blood on the mirror and on the floor, but Jerome an excellent artist drew a disturbing picture? Zachary who was now deceased looked through the mirror eating his candy on the other side.

Jerome gulped as he showed the images to Christine he said. Notice the walls. What is wrong with the walls? Christine asked. Jerome looked at the picture and pointed out the cracks in the wall where the mirror was in the bathroom. There on one side of the wall were four distinguishing marks on one side and three on the other.

He glanced at Christine and declared it looks like they pushed apart the wall. The earthquake split the soil leading up to the home. I got the impression Jerome was trying to say the monster in the mirror caused the earthquake. He pointed again at the marks on the wall and said in religious practices all around the world they called this the mark of the beast.

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