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Technology Issues

You have no idea how many people come to me about computer issues. I have had many experiences with people who do not understand technology.

Software issues can be mind-boggling as you work on important documents for school or work and suddenly your computer crashes.

I would like to give some of you some information, how to maintain your computer and software. I have used many different types of antivirus software to malware programs that help your computer, or rather claim they help your computer.

I walked into a room one time, and the person who had called me for help was asking me why the computer did not work. I simply walked over to the computer and pressed the power button. The computer did not turn on. I looked at the outlet and the power strip next. The power strip was not plugged into the power outlet. I simply plugged the cord into the wall. I turned the computer on and watched as the operating system was Windows XP. The operating system was old. I asked the person if they would like me to upgrade the computer with a new operating system. The hard drive was 1TB and the memory had 8GB. I always remind my friends to check how much storage and memory are on the computer first before I ask the magic question of upgrading. The person said, “yes,” because they were having so many issues with the computer. I took out an external hard drive and started to work on the computer. I used the bootable drive to access my external hard drive and installed the new operating system in about 20 minutes.

The setup to the new operating system went smoothly as I had the owner of the machine input a username and password. I asked if they had an antivirus program on their machine. The person said, “no” they never did and don’t usually use one. I asked if they would like for me to show them how to use a few programs that will help with malware and viruses.

Here are the links I used. Some are free and others are paid services.

CCleaner Free and on the website there are many more tools you can use that are free. Click on the downloads link and you will see all the other great tools to use on your computer if you are computer savvy and like to work on other things.

Malwarebytes  Free if you update yourself! If you pay the yearly subscription the program will protect your computer and update automatically. It is a really good program.

Mcafee Free download and trial. Paid service Mcafee $14.99 for a one year subscription. I have enabled the link for you to use. The download for free is on Mcafee’s website, and the $14.99 version is from amazon.

Vipre Antivirus The antivirus is a paid service but works really well. I trust this antivirus system better than Norton Internet security, and it is cheaper than Norton but works better. $55.24 is the current price on the link above. Here is another link for lifetime security with Vipre Antivirus Lifetime link on amazon the program is $109.99. The program works well. Click on any on the links above to start fixing your computer.

In the process of working with many people I have learned some people want to use the free software for their computers, and some like to have paid services to ensure their identity and computer information is safe and secure.

Here are some other programs you can use for Microsoft Office software:

Kingsoft Office WPS The program works like Microsoft Office and is free. I use this program on my phone. The program works for Mac and Windows.

Libre Office The program works like Microsoft Office and is free.








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The Lake House Nightmare

What happens when you have a dream and reality has its revenge?

Dreams sometimes scare and sometimes hurt, but what if I told you about a dream containing a real encounter with the supernatural. The dream was interesting as I was at home dreaming about a lake house. The lake house had a chimney and smoke was coming out of the top as the autumn leaves blew all around the ground. The man in the dream had the same routine every morning as he went about his day. He would eat three eggs and bacon with hash browns. He would then put on his red coat with a torn sleeve and walk to the door. He heard a knock and a beautiful blonde girl greeted him. She gave him a hug. He gave her a hug and started to walk on a path leading to the lake. The trail had beautiful scenery as he looked up at the trees and the mountainous terrain. The girl humming as she walked. The man looking at the girl shook his head and started to walk up hill towards the lake. The girl walked through the terrain as if it was easy and when they reached the lake the girl disappeared.

The man startled, started to walk around the lake to see if she was there and found the girl was gone. The next day he awoke followed the same routine and when he walked up to the door the girl knocked at the same time. He opened the door and she gave him a big hug. He asked, “Where did you go yesterday?” She looked down at the floor and pushed at a yellow and red colored leaf with her foot. He slammed the door and walked along the same path. The girl again humming as they walked to the lake. The man walking up to the lake could not hear the girl humming as he made his way up the path. She each day disappeared.

I told you dreams are weird but as I told you this dream hurt coming out of it. I will explain to you why this dream hurt. My wife and I are asleep right next to each other dreaming the same dream. We are in the lake house with the man as he does his routine. The man in the lake house goes to the door and is greeted by the girl she gives him a big hug and then looks at my wife. I am sitting down looking at the wall and notice a box. The little girl then looks at my wife and says. “I need to go to the bathroom.” The lake house has two large bathrooms, but when the girl with blonde hair goes into the bathroom, she stays in there for a long time. My wife at this point seems worried as she says she’s been in the bathroom too long. When she walked in, she could see her sitting there on the toilet with a blank face and my wife could see the whites of the girl’s eyes. 

I am still in the other room sitting down looking at the same box and realize it is an electrical box. The box starts to open all on its own. The girl in the bathroom is still sitting there on the toilet. She is not moving. My wife comes into the room and starts to speak when the electrical box closes all on its own and all the lights shut off. The man in his red coat screamed as darkness swallowed the room whole. The man made his way to the door and opened it. Shaken he started to walk the trail. The autumn leaves all around were red and yellow and the leaves covered the ground. It almost looked like blood as the sunshine hit the leaves. We started walking with the man. He did not say a word he just walked toward the lake on a long path of leaves. The girl came out of the lake house humming as she slammed the door shut. She started skipping as she was humming. My wife looked into my eyes and squinted her eyebrows as we walked up. I could hear the girl humming. She started to catch up to the man and as she did, she was upset we were still with him. She looked at us and rolled her eyes to the back of her head. We stopped walking and started to follow them slowly up to the lake. The man reached the lake and the girl disappeared. My wife and I looked at each other questioning what we had just seen. The man walked along the path around the lake. We looked at each other and walked up to the lake where she disappeared. The lake seemed dark and eerie. The lake started to separate creating a path. The water on both sides defying gravity. I decided to walk on the path while my wife waited for me to return. I walked on the muddy path as I looked at the water it started to turn red  in certain parts and it looked as if it were blood rising from the bottom of both sides of the path. I came to a spot where a girl with blond hair was laying. She died from drowning and a major blow to the head. Her feet were tied with a weight and her body was left to decay in the lake. I went over to the body and looked at it closely, but as I did the skeleton twitched. I looked at the girl and she was now alive. She repositioned herself to look at me. I walked over to her trying to help. I bent down. I was going to ask her how she got to the bottom of the lake. She looked at me as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and grabbed me by the throat. Her eyes turned from white to black, and her mouth started to move as she grimaced at me. She hit me in the head then said, “Did you kill me?” “Where is the man in the red coat?” Gasping for air and in pain from the blow to the head. “I said, no I don’t know.” The water came crashing down on me and I felt as if I was living her life as she died. I tried to breath but water filled my lungs. I awoke kicking and screaming and gasping for air. The impossible thing about the dream I awoke soaking wet. I had a massive gash on my head, and on my neck, I had bruises from the girl’s skeletal hand.

Maya awoke telling me I never came back. I told her. The girl in the dream was the same girl we met at the lake house. She is at the bottom of the lake, and the man in the red coat was the one who killed her. “What?” She said. “Yes, the girl in the dream is an angry spirit. Her spirit taunts the man everyday he lives with the same routine.” 

A loud bang came from the garage. I put my slippers on and raced over to where the noise was coming from. My head pounded as the electrical box repeatedly slammed. I felt my ears ringing as the banging continued. My wife startled me as she brought the broom from the kitchen. “What is going on?” I looked at my wife and realized she was trembling in fear. I told her. “It’s a sign.” “The girl wants us to go up to the lake house and find her murderer and make him pay for his crime.” The banging stopped as I finished my statement. 

 Maya looked at my head and said, “you need to go see a doctor.” I told her I would but I had to see this through to the end. I showered got ready and grabbed breakfast. My head throbbed as I took each bite. My wife got ready as well putting on her coat. We made our way to the lake. I called the police and let them know about the girl at the bottom of the lake, and that a man wearing a red coat always did his regular routine of walking around the lake. When we arrived at the lake house it was almost exact to the dream. The police were already at the lake house. The man in the red coat was denying the whole thing. I walked up to the man and told the officer. The man assaulted me as I told him I was going to call the authorities. The divers came up confirming there was a body at the bottom of the lake. The man looked at me as if he had never met me. I had never met him but figured it was as good as anything to get this murderer locked up to pay for his crime. 

The police officer looked at me and asked “What happened?” I told him, “he gave me a full confession about the murder.” When I told him, “I have to report the crime to the police.” It was at this point when he started to become paranoid. I walked outside on the pebbled driveway, and he grabbed my neck, and hit me hard on the head with a blunt object. If it weren’t for my wife the man would have killed me. She pushed him away from me and helped me up and into our vehicle. “The man tore his sleeve as he hit the ground,” my wife said. The officer looked me in the eyes and said you have a nasty bruise on your neck. The man in the red coat was arrested. He was screaming. “I have no idea who those people are!” “I didn’t do anything!” The officer looked at me and said. What’s in the house that stuck out to you the most. My wife and I both looked at each other and said, “the electrical box.” It was at this point the electricity in the house turned off and the room got super cold. The man in the red coat started screaming. “The girl is standing at the front door!” “The girl is waving at me!” She hugs me, and follows me every single day as I walk around lake!” The man was put into the car. The officer who put him into the car told the man, “tell that to the insane asylum.”