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Technology Issues

You have no idea how many people come to me about computer issues. I have had many experiences with people who do not understand technology.

Software issues can be mind-boggling as you work on important documents for school or work and suddenly your computer crashes.

I would like to give some of you some information, how to maintain your computer and software. I have used many different types of antivirus software to malware programs that help your computer, or rather claim they help your computer.

I walked into a room one time, and the person who had called me for help was asking me why the computer did not work. I simply walked over to the computer and pressed the power button. The computer did not turn on. I looked at the outlet and the power strip next. The power strip was not plugged into the power outlet. I simply plugged the cord into the wall. I turned the computer on and watched as the operating system was Windows XP. The operating system was old. I asked the person if they would like me to upgrade the computer with a new operating system. The hard drive was 1TB and the memory had 8GB. I always remind my friends to check how much storage and memory are on the computer first before I ask the magic question of upgrading. The person said, “yes,” because they were having so many issues with the computer. I took out an external hard drive and started to work on the computer. I used the bootable drive to access my external hard drive and installed the new operating system in about 20 minutes.

The setup to the new operating system went smoothly as I had the owner of the machine input a username and password. I asked if they had an antivirus program on their machine. The person said, “no” they never did and don’t usually use one. I asked if they would like for me to show them how to use a few programs that will help with malware and viruses.

Here are the links I used. Some are free and others are paid services.

CCleaner Free and on the website there are many more tools you can use that are free. Click on the downloads link and you will see all the other great tools to use on your computer if you are computer savvy and like to work on other things.

Malwarebytes  Free if you update yourself! If you pay the yearly subscription the program will protect your computer and update automatically. It is a really good program.

Mcafee Free download and trial. Paid service Mcafee $14.99 for a one year subscription. I have enabled the link for you to use. The download for free is on Mcafee’s website, and the $14.99 version is from amazon.

Vipre Antivirus The antivirus is a paid service but works really well. I trust this antivirus system better than Norton Internet security, and it is cheaper than Norton but works better. $55.24 is the current price on the link above. Here is another link for lifetime security with Vipre Antivirus Lifetime link on amazon the program is $109.99. The program works well. Click on any on the links above to start fixing your computer.

In the process of working with many people I have learned some people want to use the free software for their computers, and some like to have paid services to ensure their identity and computer information is safe and secure.

Here are some other programs you can use for Microsoft Office software:

Kingsoft Office WPS The program works like Microsoft Office and is free. I use this program on my phone. The program works for Mac and Windows.

Libre Office The program works like Microsoft Office and is free.








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