Dead Man Walking

The story opens with a question.

What if I were not here right now?

What if I were to perish within the next couple of moments, minutes, or even hours?

It is strange how time is consistently in the course of our ways of life and present situations, but as all circumstances what if you were in a slumber for more than 6 months?

The thought could change your life forever.

The type of scene is rough on family members, colleagues, and the people attempting to help save your life. It’s a test because they are oblivious of the challenges you are about to experience internally, and religiously. The feeling is an internal feud, and the individual is struggling to get back to their ways of life.

There was formerly a husband who maintained an extremely active lifestyle. He was driving home one night to a family birthday where he was going to meet his family and let them know how much he cherished them, but as he was operating his motor vehicle on a 35 miles an hour road he was rear-ended by a guy not paying attention to the traffic on the roadway. The fellow driving a white old Buick was awfully busy playing with his iPod shuffling through songs and was unaware he was speeding at 65 miles per hour.

The second you look into your rear-view mirror and notice the headlights of an automobile not preparing to stop your mind starts to race, and the impact pushes you into another automobile ahead of you. You have no chance to brace for impact and your body moves rapidly as the jolt caused Brian to strike the drive wheel with his bottom portion of his jaw and sternum. He felt the bones crack as he hit his sternum, and the airbag deployed sending him flying backward into the seat, and as he is forced backward, his insides started to ache, and his face started to sting he knew the airbag did even more damage. The last thing he sees is the dashboard cover flying over his skull into the rear seat and as he witnesses this, he begins to pass out.

Brian was now battling for every breath. His lungs were severely injured, and he was bleeding internally.

Brian’s family was not given any information about his condition when the medical staff on the phone had called. The group was informed to rush to the emergency room. The family received the report Brian was in a terrible accident upon reporting at the emergency room. It led to his wife to fear for the worst, and the family appeared to panic. Several hours passed as the surgeon’s continuously struggled to sustain his life. The surgeons, doctors, and nurses defeated could not save Brian. The medical team tried numerous methods to ensure his survival, but could not get his heart beating after multiple flat lines. His body had suffered an extensive amount of damage.

Brian had literally died on the operating table multiple times, but while he was being operated on. Brian’s spirit was peering down at his own body. He could see and hear everything in the hospital.

Brian years afterward informed the household about the story.

I could recall seeing black hands appearing from the walls. I remained observing as time worked extremely fast.

He recounted being above everybody in the emergency room in immense detail described the physicians and nurses working hard to help him survive. Brian mentioned other individuals around him as he was in the emergency room. There were people passing and coming up to his level, but they would zoom past him. Brian would invariably hesitate and draw in a deep breath as he described black hands coming out of the walls and operating tables, tugging at bad spirited people’s souls. The cries of the individuals being captured by the deathly black grips were strange, but Brian questioningly started to think why he stood to linger above his corpse. Brian walked around peering at his lifeless corpse, but couldn’t do anything to get back into it. He recalled the monitor flatline multiple times, and the defibrillator sending a shock into his body. He viewed his body rise then collapse as it did nothing to aid him. It alarmed him because he could see his family crying in the waiting area as they were presented with the message he did not make it.
Brian sighed with regret and observed as the physicians brought the sheets over his head. He continued watching in confusion as the physicians started to walk with his body down the hallway.

His family devastated.

Brian looked on placing his palm out to his wife as she sank to the floor crying. He walked around his family struggling to comfort them but went nowhere in his attempts. He tried everything to let them know he was with all of them.

Brian sat on an unoccupied hospital bed thinking about his family, but as he did this he could see the black hands reaching from the walls. One of the dark palms struck his back and seized him, and he felt all the remembrances of grief and sorrow throughout the times. When this took place he bolted up because the hands appeared to be trying and drag him toward the wall where a black door appeared to open, and he knew they were seeking to take him. The black hands were then hurting him as they took hold of him and the started trying to drag him into the darkness behind the door. His soul sadly knew where the doorway led into hell.

He asked calmly in his mind is this the end?

He tore away from the hand’s grip and raced down the hallway. He could identify many people fleeing their frames, and they were being dragged into the blackness down below or were whizzing by him toward a higher purpose. Brian at this point wanted to jump back into his body but didn’t know how. His emotions appeared to make him bitter and depressed.

He cried out for help, but no one acknowledged his request.

The deceased were all in a hurry. Brian now desperate fell into a state of depression.

He could see the embalmer cutting off the rest of his clothes and removing his belongings as they prepped him to be embalmed.

He stated many times that time moves really fast when you are dead.

It’s not like on earth.

He sat next to his body shaking his head.

The black hands relentlessly started to pop out of the walls, and they were reaching out trying to grab him.

He watched the embalmer start their process. The embalmers shaved his face and cleaned him up. The staff started the process of putting on a glue to make sure his mouth remained shut. The two staff members in the room cleaned him up and started to sew the mouth shut. The embalmers worked around the work the physicians did to clean the flesh on his chest and body with a disinfectant and germicidal solutions while bending, flexing, and massaging his arms and legs to relieve rigor mortis. Brian shocked started to panic. He jumped up and laid above his body. He envisioned himself going back down into his own body. The embalmer was now starting the process of draining blood. The man knew his job well and started the process. Brian looked deep down into his soul and asked for a second chance at life. The black hands grabbed at Brian and as he felt their grip on him pull down, he could see the charred hands. He could hear deathly screams. He could hear whips and chains in the background while spirits cried in pain.

Brian scared and confused thought of his family and his friends. He wanted to be with them now more than ever.

Come with us they bellowed.

Brian started to feel the cool air hit his body. Breathing from his nose, he opened his eyes and grabbed for the embalmer’s arm. The man nearly died as Brian startled him. The other embalmer laughed and said it was only reflexes, but for some odd reason, the man knew Brian was miraculously alive even though he had checked his vitals and went through the process. Brian tried to speak, but no words escaped his mouth. His lips were sewn shut. Brian yelled and thrashed his arms around. He felt the massive pain coming from his stomach where he suffered great damage to his insides. Brian looked around the room and suddenly passed out from the shock.

Brian awoke to a room full of family and friends. They were all so happy he was alive and doing well.

While in the hospital Brian asked his wife to look at his back because it felt like someone had dug into his skin. The charred marks she saw frightened her. She described four marks going down and three across.

Brian lived to be an old man and always warned the children of the black hands in the walls, but as he got older, he started to see a dark image of a devilish looking creature with red and yellow eyes swirling in opposite directions. The creature haunted Brian‘s dreams. His wife called the local church and had the house blessed, but the occurrences and frequent attacks of the creature made Brian scream out into the night as he said the black hands and the creature were coming for him. His night terrors got worse and Brian’s wife told the local police when he died she saw four slashes and three others appear on his back and they appeared to be burned into his flesh.

He kept repeating.

The red and yellow eyes! The red and yellow eyes!

Written by: Anthony Gurule